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jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

jeff desom at MUDAM

Last Easter I went to Luxembourg, I know it's not a very touristic place to go for a holiday but the flights were the cheapest and it was a new place I hadn't visited yet.

The landscape was beautiful, the food not very good. Anyway, if you ever go to this city don't forget to visit MUDAM (museum of modern art). It really impressed me. Very nice building and well curated exhibitions.

It might be gone already but by the time I was there, Jeff Desom and its 'Rear window loop' were there too. This young artist (1984) who lives and works in Luxembourg made a projection of a 20-minute condensed version of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954). Done with After Effects and Photoshop it's a very captivating piece.

Check it out!

my own synth

How good are you with DIY stuff?

I have to say that I'm very good with crafts. Give me some glue, scissors and colour paper and I will make you anything. But I'm terrible with wires and electronics. I just feel scared of the materials and I think anything that requires more than changing a light bulb looks like professional engineering work to me. I truly admire those ones who can strip a wire without blink. The sad thing is that there was a time I was able to do it, I remember those circuits we had to do for science at the school, hadn't you?

So, when I found about this DIY Synth workshop from Technology will save us I thought it would be a good way to lose some fear to technology and learn something new: creating something with my own hands that produces noise music? it can't be possible!

To be honest, I'm still scared and I still don't know anything. Names of the components, what they do... still sound like other language to me. But it was a good experience. Making my own synth as if I was building a Kinder surprise (like the old times, with more than 4 pieces to assemble) and seeing work was like getting birth.

I might be try to build a Game with Arduino the next time...

domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

Electric run & fundraising

A finales de Abril participaré en una carrera llamada 'Electric run', es un 5km pero me he apuntado también como excusa para recaudar dinero.
Me llama mucho la atención lo común que es recaudar dinero en UK. Hay páginas como 'Just giving' que lo hacen muy fácil. Tanto para el recaudador como para los donantes. Suele ser habitual recaudar dinero cuando se participa en una carrera.

Mi causa es una organización llamada Breast cancer care que da apoyo a mujeres afectadas de cáncer de mama. Lo hago en recuerdo de mi madre que falleció hace 6 años por esa dolencia.

Aunque ya he recaudado lo mínimo que tenía que recaudar para correr en nombre de una organización benéfica quiero conseguir más. Algunos compañeros de trabajo se han unido a mí y mañana llevaremos algunos dulces caseros al trabajo. Entre ellos palmeritas de chocolate.

Si quieres apoyar mi causa puedes visitar mi página de recaudar fondos aquí. El dinero va directamente a la organización. Si vives y pagas impuestos en UK puedes obtar por añadir gift aid. Por la misma cantidad que donas añadirás un 20% más, vía los impuestos que pagas en el año. La organización se lo reclama directamente a HMRC.

E n g l i s h..........................................................................................................................

[At the end of April I will be running a fun race called 'Electric run', it's only 5k but I'm signed up also as an excuse for fundraising.
It keeps surprising me how common is fundraise in the UK. 'Just giving' website is an example of how easily your family, colleagues and friends can support (you) with their donations. 

I'm raising money for the Breast cancer care charity which helps people affected by breast cancer. I'm doing it in memory of my mum who died 6 years ago because of this illness.

Even if I have already collected the minimum of what I needed to collect running on behalf a charity I'm doing some things to collect even more. Some colleagues have joined to run the race with me and also fundraise. Tomorrow we will be bringing to the office some bake goods: banana bread, brownies, mini muffins and palmeritas de chocolate.

If you want to support my cause please visit my page here. If you are a UK taxpayer you can also add gift aid and your donation will be more valuable for the same amount you are donating.] 


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